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      Automatic production line

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      The automatic production line is composed of a workpiece conveying system and control system, a set of automatic machine and auxiliary equipment according to the process order together, producing automatic products of all or part of the manufacturing process, referred to as automatic line.

      Development course:

      20s twentieth Century, with the car, rolling bearings, small motors and sewing machines and other industrial development, mechanical manufacturing began to appear in the automatic line, the first appearance is the combination of machine tool automatic line. In 20s twentieth Century, the first is the emergence of the automotive industry in the production line and semi-automatic production lines, and then developed into an automatic line. After the Second World War, the number of automatic lines increased sharply in the manufacturing industry of the developed countries.

      Automatic production line


      The production of automatic lines should be large enough to produce; product design and process should be advanced, stable and reliable, and remain unchanged for a long time. The automatic line in the mass production, improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce the production area, reduce production cost, shorten production cycle, to ensure balanced production, significant economic benefits.

      Automatic production line in the case of no interference in accordance with the provisions of the procedures or instructions for automatic operation or control of the process, the goal is "stable, accurate, fast". Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, business, medical treatment, service and family. The automatic production line can not only from the heavy manual labor, mental labor and poor and dangerous working environment for free, but also to expand the organ, greatly improve labor productivity, improve our ability to recognize and transform the world

      Application range:

      Rotch robot automation equipment []

      A casting, forging, stamping, heat treatment, welding, machining and mechanical assembly line machinery manufacturing industry, also including the different nature of the process, such as automatic line blank manufacturing, processing and assembly, testing and packaging etc..

      Machining automatic line is the fastest and most widely used in mechanical manufacturing industry. Mainly include: automatic line for modular machine tool box, shell, miscellaneous parts; used for machining shaft, disc ring and other parts, automatic line is composed of general and specialized or special automatic machine; rotary body automatic production line; for a simple processing procedure of small parts of the rotor automatic line etc..

      1 to determine the beat time: no matter what kind of products, all in the time it must be completed within the time.

      2 unit process: only for a product, the unit parts handling, assembly, processing and material collection.

      3 pilot: production of the device to see the time of the beat.。

      4.U type production line: the equipment in accordance with the engineering order counter clockwise, and by a person in charge of export and import.

      5.AB control: only when the products after the project, the project products, only engineering.

      6 lights: conveying device production line process product abnormal.

      7 after the project to receive: the production line of the product should be due to the needs of the post project.

      Device connection:

      The connection mode of the equipment in the automatic line has two kinds of rigid connection and flexible connection.

      1, folding rigid connection:

      In the rigid connection automatic line, there is no storage device between the working process, the process of the work piece and the delivery process have strict rhythm. When a device failure and stop, it will cause the whole line to stop. Therefore, the high reliability of the various devices in the automatic line of the rigid connection is required.

      2, folding flexible connection:

      In the flexible automatic lines, each process (or section) is arranged between the storage device, the operation cycle need not be strictly consistent, a brief pause when the device is composed of a material storage device, can adjust the balance function in a certain period of time, so it will not affect the normal work of other equipment. Flexible connection is often adopted in integrated automatic line, automatic assembly line and long combined machine tool.


      1, folding conveyor system:

      Workpiece conveying system of automatic wire generally includes machine tool upper and lower material device, conveying device and storage device. In the automatic line of the rotary body processing, the conveying device comprises a gravity conveying type or a forced feeding trough or a material channel, a lifting, a turning and distributing device, etc.. Sometimes the mechanical hand is used to complete some functions of the transmission device. The modular machine tool automatic line when the workpiece conveying surface right, by direct transmission, the transmission device has a stepping transmission device, transfer device and a turning device for workpiece shape irregular, conveying surface right, usually installed in the location and transporting pallet, return device is additionally provided with accompanying the fixture to this case.

      2.folding control system:

      The control system of automatic production line is mainly used to ensure the line of machine tool, workpiece transfer system, and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the provisions of the work cycle and interlock requirements work, and a fault localization device and signal device. In order to meet the requirements of automatic line debugging and normal operation, the control system has three kinds of working states: adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic control. In the adjustment of the state can be manually operated and adjusted to achieve the various actions of a single device; in a semi automatic state can be achieved single cycle of equipment work; in automatic state automatic line can work continuously.

      Control system has "pre - stop" control function, automatic line in the normal operation of the need to stop, to complete a work cycle, the movement of the machine parts are returned to the original position after parking. Automatic line

      Order:Automatic production line

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