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      Mechanical arm soldering machi

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      R600MA mechanical arm solder machine

      • Number:Mechanical arm soldering machine
      • Specif:r600ma
      • Size:Negotiable
      • Category:Mechanical arm soldering machi
      • Gotline:0755-23029900
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      Product features:

      L6 degrees of freedom mechanical arm, to achieve any position, any angle welding.

      Compact design, flexible configuration, occupy the smallest space, the maximum utility area.

      High speed, high precision of repeated positioning, maximum production efficiency.

      CCD vision positioning system is configured to automatically correct the solder joint position and improve the stability of the welding.

      Special temperature control algorithm to ensure rapid heating temperature stability. Let the welding process temperature change.

      Send tin tin function with broken, and holes on the tin tin feeding line, reduce the risk of explosion of tin solder, make more clean.

      Blowing type cleaning iron head, taking into account the cleaning effect of tip temperature and loss rate.

      Easy to profile the user interface, so that programming is no longer cumbersome.

      Pre fabricated a variety of solder joint parameters, so that the experience of solder process through data transfer.

      Stable thickening of the base, so that the movement more stable, more accurate.

      Simple internal design, fresh, clean, free from the worry of winding.

      With power locking function, prevent the misoperation caused by unexpected power potential.

      Windows operating system based on the development of user software, more in line with the user's operating habits.

      The real digital program, modify the parameters of the direct input, similar to the 1 changes in the tin point, insert point delete point one button operation;

      With the lack of tin and tin automatic detection function, the direct protection of welding products (optional features).

      Cycle number of arbitrary settings, automatic alarm to remind;

      Standard wireless remote teaching device, programming by connecting line limit, infinite intelligence.

      L2 inch HD touch screen man-machine interface, dynamic track display, make the welding process more intuitive to you.

      At any time can start to send tin, fully meet the variety of soldering process and improve the efficiency of the machine.

      Can be configured security grating, so that the machine has its own safe working space.

      Product basic parameters:

      Model R600MA freedom of movement 6

      Arm length 600mm repeat positioning accuracy of + 0.02mm

      Maximum movement speed first joints 450 degrees /s second joints 450 degrees /s

      Third joint 514 degrees /s fourth joints 555 degrees /s

      Fifth joint 555 degrees /s sixth joints 720 degrees /s

      The maximum range of motion of the first joint - 170 DEG to 65 DEG 160 joint second

      Third joint 51 ~ +225 + 200 ~ fourth DEG joint

      Fifth joints + 135 degrees sixth joints + 360 degrees

      Display mode 12 "LCD HD display operation mode touch screen + wireless remote controller

      Temperature range of 100 degrees Celsius to 500 degrees Celsius to send the tin system independent drive + stepper motor

      Suitable for tin wire range 0.3 ~ 1.6mm minimum tin length 0.01mm

      Order:R600MA mechanical arm solder machine

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