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      Double head soldering machine

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      R351DH intelligent double head soldering machine

      • Number: Double head intelligent soldering machine
      • Specif:R351DH
      • Size:Negotiable
      • Category:Double head soldering machine
      • Gotline:0755-23029900
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      Product features:

      Equipped with a LED lighting, to facilitate debugging and product welding status monitoring;

      Equipped with smoke absorption device, smoke free welding, green environmental protection;

      External network input, remote upgrade.

      12 inch HD touch screen man-machine interface, dynamic track display, make the welding process more intuitive to you.

      At any time can start to send tin, fully meet the variety of soldering process and improve the efficiency of the machine.

      Comes with the collision avoidance function, in the event of an accident to reduce the damage to the machine and product (optional feature).

      With pneumatic quick welding, each solder joint can choose to use or not to use the cylinder (optional features).

      Permissions management mode, to prevent operator error modification parameters.

      The welding spot type parameters are flexible, the running speed of the solder joint and the solder joint can be set separately, and each other is not affected.

      With correction and Z and other functions, the angle deviation of the mould after re positioning can be corrected.

      Automatic calculation of the compensation point, angle compensation and central compensation for arbitrary switching.

      Four different types of arrays, directly shorten the running distance, improve production efficiency.

      The file name is free to create, copy, modify, delete, and support Chinese / English, numbers, and symbols.

      Cycle number of arbitrary settings, automatic alarm to remind;

      Standard wireless remote teaching device, programming by connecting line limit, infinite intelligence.

      Equipped with a LED energy saving lamp, finger gently that can light, easy to debug and product welding.

      External network input interface, can be a lifetime long distance free upgrade.

      Equipped with smoke free absorption device, no smoke welding, green environmental protection.

      400W high power high frequency heating core, rapid return temperature, to ensure that the welding process of the minimum temperature changes.

      Automatic detection of the lack of tin and tin blocking function, direct protection of welding products.

      Pure metal with lamp button, the machine state display in many ways

      Welding can start from any point, can also be a single point of welding, no need to start from scratch;

       Product display:

      Application field of circuit board soldering machine:

      1 semiconductor products: LSI, IC, hybrid IC, CSP, BGA, etc.;

      2 optical products: cameras, camera;

      3: mechanical parts, electronic products to the motherboard, small brush switch, capacitor, variable resistor, crystal oscillator, LCD, magnetic head, relays, connectors, motors and transformers etc.;

      4 general household appliances: DVD, audio equipment, car navigation systems, video game machines, radios, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.;

      5 precision machinery / electrical products: VTR, video cameras, electronic watches, each computer, PDA, printers, copying machines, calculators, liquid crystal TV, medical devices, etc.;

      6 large machinery products: motorcycles, automobiles, ships, aircraft, artificial satellites;

      7 general consumer goods: typewriter, toys, musical instruments, CD, batteries, etc.;

      Order:R351DH intelligent double head soldering machine

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