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      Why you choose Ruichi robot

      Source:Unknow Sentiment:Published time:2016-09-26

      Science and labor force is the driving force of the world's progress, and now the "machine instead of manual generation operations" has become the current domestic large flow, reduce production and management costs. So very much like the automation enterprise springing appears in public sight. Among the many automatic solder robot brands, how to choose a high-quality solder machine manufacturers seem particularly Guan Jian. Because the solder machine itself stability directly affects the quality of the process of production process, the impact of enterprise production. Otherwise, not only can not bring benefits to the enterprise, but to increase the cost of production and management of additional enterprises. Further even affect the corporate brand and corporate image.

      Shenzhen Ruichi robot is a professional 15 years of production process automation equipment manufacturers, the mature and stable equipment with all kinds of optical modules: automatic soldering machine, intelligent soldering, locking screws, dispensing robot, labeling, packing, palletizing robot, intelligent assembly, testing, packaging production line, 3D vision system, multi axis motion control the 3C robot system and application, can provide advanced automation for national defense, scientific research, industry solutions.

      The predicament and way out of domestic manufacturing industry


      1 labor costs are very rapid expansion: according to the survey, the national wages of workers to maintain more than 20% annual growth rate, so that the production enterprise overwhelmed

      2 job extremely difficult: with 70 workers after the old, 80 and 90 after the basic for the child, generally have a strong sense of superiority, not engage in manual labor, production enterprises in the future will be hard to find one, the allocation of manipulator to realize automatic production for onlyroad production enterprises, early Automated Deployment will occupy the future market opportunities. Stay ahead of competition

      3 people difficult: the prevalence of domestic production enterprises have off-season workers, emergency workers season "phenomenon, the loss of workers seriously, the difficulty of business management to front-line workers is more and more big, so it is hard to guarantee the stable production efficiency, will gradually lose the market competition.

      Way out:

      Shenzhen Ruichi robot automatic soldering machine features

      1 good solder joints.

      2 precise positioning, up to 120PCS per hour

      3 can realize the function of spot welding, welding, automatic cleaning, and so on;

      4 has the position correction, the solder joint array, the parameter duplication, the automatic position, the skip and so on;

      5 program correction function, can achieve the overall coordinate position of the workpiece compensation;

      6 have the steps to insert, delete function, convenient and quick change program;

      7 intelligent control system, to achieve the speed of feeding, time, solder tin quantity adjustable and precise control

      8 flexible and diverse soldering methods, while supporting the welding and welding, all process parameters can be set by the user to adapt to a variety of high degree of difficulty and micro solder process.

      8 major advantages to choose Ruichi robot:

      1 To help you solve the enterprise recruitment difficult, the difficult problem of tube 1 our automatic soldering machine;

      2 can avoid improper operation of industrial accidents, reduce the risk of enterprises;

      3 automatic soldering machine equipment can work continuously for 24 hours, to create a greater value for you;

      4 technical support: we have advanced automation technology, to provide you with a comprehensive technical support;

      5 the whole factory automation: we can make the whole factory equipment automation, automation production, reduce the number of people, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises;

      6 permanent after-sales service: perfect after-sales service mechanism, the permanent 24 hours on standby, fully lift your worries;

      7 high cost performance: we offer the most competitive price on the premise of ensuring the high quality of products.

      8 we have the only domestic windows operating system of the development of user software, so that your production is more intuitive, there are traces to follow.

      In such fierce competition in domestic talent shows itself the rotch robot, walk a road will persist for 15 years to become the industry experts, the reputation is accumulated, integrity is seen, the quality of the products is done, selection of automation equipment rich, you will have no worries.


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