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      Adress:C5 building,RuiMing industrial park,No.44west HeXiu Road ,BaoAn district,ShenZhen.

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       RuiChi robot (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd


      Company profile


       RuiChi robot (Shenzhen) Company Limited (formerly Shenzhen Ruichi Xin Technology Co. Ltd.) is a research and development, production and sales in one of the focus in the field of automation of high-tech enterprises, the company in cooperation with Chinese University Hong Kong in Shenzhen City, Nanshan District science and Technology Park of Chinese University Hong Kong research Institute of robotics and automation system for soldering machine. Companies involved in professional fields: intelligent soldering, screw locking, dispensing robot, labeling, packing, palletizing robot, intelligent assembly, testing, packaging production line, 3D vision system, multi axis motion control system and 3C robot applications, providing advanced automation for national defense, scientific research, industry solutions. The company has excellent technical team, has a wealth of experience in welding automation and assembly automation field, and long-term commitment to research and application of automatic welding technology, automatic assembly technology, machine intelligence and other aspects; at the same time, maintain good cooperation between scientific research company and the Chinese University Hong Kong in long period, continuous research and development of intelligent robot new product series in order to meet the customer's production needs more.



      Core technology:


      1, advanced design tools: computer aided design, finite element analysis, modal analysis, virtual prototype, etc.;


      2, precision Mechatronics System: using the latest analysis and measurement tools, design considerations and analysis to the dynamic closed-loop system vibration, force balance, calibration and control components; 3, transmission and transfer of force: axis and determine the appropriate integration, let drive system to realize the speed and accuracy of the large;


      4, vision system: optical components and lighting design, alignment, placement and detection of advanced application software;


      5, servo system: trajectory planning, multi axis synchronization and overlapping motion, self adjustment and adaptive intelligent control, nonlinear error compensation.

      The company to promote team spirit, talent, bold application of new materials, new technology, new technology, has a number of senior professionals with years of development of robot technology and production, scientific and technical personnel of the total number of companies accounted for 90%, of which a professor, a postdoctoral researcher, Dr. three, other developers with a bachelor's degree.

      Enterprise vision: our commitment to become a leading international provider for the application of 3C to the core automation service robot.

      Mission: we are committed to helping our customers to improve the level of automation, to achieve superior productivity, in order to enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development.


      Core values:


      1, to be a leader of self, to actively serve our customers, to achieve customer satisfaction and dedication


      2, the customer is full of enthusiasm, the success of the customer to measure our success, always adhere to the Six Sigma quality standards and innovative spirit


      3, the introduction and training of talents, to create opportunities for the best talents, so that they continue to grow and realize their dreams


      4, treasure every employee, every creativity, each contribution


      5, and strive to enhance the product, service and self value


      6, take the initiative to seek solutions, take the initiative to attack, the courage to try new things


      7, focus, simple, courage, and strive for excellence


      8, the relentless pursuit of faster, better, the advantage of information technology to speed up our success

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